An unwavering conviction + a well structured process of planing and risk + pioneering. This equation will always deliver anticipated results

Telecommunication engineer, arctic lover, adventurer, risk lover and ….. Astronaut??

Hipolito Gonzalez admits the while he has explored more and more arctic hidden coner of our planet, he secretly dream of one day visiting Mars. The arctic is like the drugs…. Every time you need more

After many years training in northern Finland and Murkmansk (Му́рманск) Russia, he was ready for the artic.

Later, he went to start training and adventures in Svalbard, getting endurance and extreme adventure with calculate risk.

Now every year, he want to bring people to the Arctic, in companion with experience person which is able to organize everything (Mapping, equipment, gps, weather forecast, renting equipment, guns, polar experience) and give you the opportunity of having the most extreme experience at a small percentage of money if you compare for taking a tour guide by your self (it could be about 30% of normal price)