The vault of the end of the world

The end of the Earth

An archipelago located in the middle of the Arctic Ocean. A place where it is forbidden to die.


We offer you a stay in first class hotels, first the Mary Ann Polarrigg, then in Barentsburg and finally the Coal


Discover the places and the itinerary that you will have, where we assure you that you will live a few days of full adrenaline


You should take some recommendations for your safety and others for your comfort. We will be your advisors at all times

About me: Hipolito Gonzalez

An unwavering conviction + a well structured process of planing and risk + pioneering. This equation will always deliver anticipated results

Telecommunication engineer, arctic lover, adventurer, risk lover and ….. Astronaut??

Let’s discover SvalBard Together…


We will provide you unique and amazing adventures. Since the departure in Oslo yoy will feel the Artic. 


Day for day

Day 1

Meeting in Oslo Airport. Security recommendations. Receive the documentation, boarding pass, instructions and dry food. Arrival to Svalbard, Bus to Mary Ann Polarrigg Knowing the hotel, meeting with friend, info about the city. Checking clothes for Arctic and walking in the beach for checking skills on ice. Nice dinner (not included in Kroa)

Day 2

Breakfast at Mary Ann Polarrigg. Pick up the gun, snowmobile, fuel and other stuff. Training for driving Snowmobile. Security info. Map explaining and routes. Driving around the city. Fill fuel. Prepare for next day Dinner in Kroa (not included)

Day 3

Breakfast in Mary Ann Polarrigg. Check out and prepare for the first adventure. 4 hours driving snowmobile to Баренцбург. Driving first across Isdammen, after continue to Todalselva, Bødalen, Skilferdalen, Passdalen, Grøndalshytta, Grondalen and finally Баренцбург Check in at Баренцбург Hotel, meeting with friend and other people. Walk around the settlement and explaining

Day 4

Breakfast in Hotel. Adventure in snowmobile to Svea. Return to Баренцбург Hotel. Dinner and party at красный медведь (not included)

Day 5

Breakfast in Hotel. Check out, good bye to the nice Russian & Ukranian friends. Return to Longyearbyen using another path, via the Coast. Amazing view. Check in At Coal Miners Cabins. Dinner maybe in Kroa (not included)

Day 6

Breakfast at Coal Miners Cabins, Adventure to Tuna Glacier (maybe it could be close because Polar Bears), and the abandoned Russian settlement Пирами́да. The most north settlement in the word. Return and dinner in Longyearbyen. Dinner (not included)

A week of luxury

It will be 7 days of expedition, adventure and adrenaline discovering the real Arctic, sharing the spaces with the king... the Polars Bears.

Day 7

Breakfast at Coal Miners Cabins Return of all equipment. Refuel the snowmobile, return the cans, guns and everything. Check out from the hotel. Bus to airport.

We provide you


*Air tickets + 20 Kg checked bag from Oslo

*Introduction to Arctic and safetly recomendation

*Snowmobile and Insurance with a liability of 6000 NOK*

*Optionally medical rescue evacuation

*All the nights in different places (Mary Ann’s Polarrigg, Barentsburg Hotel, Coal Miners Cabin)

*Transport from Longyearbyen Airport-Hotel-Longyearbyen airport

*Protection against polar bear (Armed guide)

*Tracks, GPS

*Field food

*Snowmobile extra clothing, helmet, gloves, boots

*Recommendation in the cities

*Sat Phone for emergency

*Fuel for snowmobile NOT included


Before September 15: 2400 US$

After september 15: Not guarantee of availability and price. It could be easily 4500 US$. April is high season. We need to book in advance

You are going outside Schengen Area. You need a valid passport and the possibility for returning to Schengen area. If you need a visa and you aren’t resident in a Schengen country, you need a Visa for TWO entries.

Our sponsors

The Polar Bears

The polar bear – also known as the King of the Arctic – is one of the world’s largest carnivores. The polar bear population in the Svalbard archipelago and Barents Sea is around 3,000, which exceeds the human population.

You can encounter polar bears anywhere in Svalbard all year round.  The polar bear has been protected by international law since 1973. 

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